Software Overview

Track Income and Expenses

Unlimited invoices, jobs, and customers *

Track inventory

Quick view of jobs each customer has

Unfinished jobs report

Track all dates throughout the tanning process

Quick add of material on the fly

Tracking of measurements

Cape and hide status and location

Fish and Game report based on date range

Tech prep sheet

Total dollar amount collected report

Add bulk jobs

Ready to run your business right out of the box

Quick, simple and easy to use

Designed by a taxidermist

Customer contract to protect your business included

Built 100% in the U.S.A

Video demos and weekly live seminars

Backup data automatically

Import data from Excel

Categorize expenses

Track sales profitability

Quick add a payment to customer job

Pre-Loaded with Species, mount type, and position

Notes for invoices only & notes for your eyes only

Tracking of Game and Fish Information

Import pictures for each job

Finished jobs not picked up report

Total accounts receivables due

Shop expenses report based on date range

Add bulk payments

Smooth flow with easy navigation

Does it need a constant internet connection

Is my database stored on the web available to hackers?

Quick access to customers job's from home screen

Track hide or cape status dates and employee's

Free Updates and upgrades

Final Shot Software Systems, LLC

A software system built for taxidermists. Our mission is simple... provide the everyday taxidermist with a low-cost software system that is easy to use