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Our company provides a full range of private houses and cottages since 19

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​A software system built for taxidermists. Our mission is simple... provide the everyday taxidermist with a low-cost software system that is easy to use, and will work without needing a constant internet connection. You will have instant access to the most user-friendly software system on the market at an affordable price.

Download... install... go!
After you install the Taxidermy Software System on your computer, you can begin to take customers in right away. Our software comes pre-loaded with species, supplier's and a proven taxidermy price list. The only software approved by the FWC.

Instant Download

One low monthly price

No contracts

Installs on your P.C


Hour Available

Days Available in week

Days Available In year

Protect you and your customers from the dark web!

Your software is installed on your P.C. It is not in the cloud on another server where it will be hacked. If you are thinking about using an online solution you need to Look at a few examples. 1/8/17- Esports over 1.5M users hacked, Xbox over 1.2M users hacked, Arby's - Unknown users hacked , Equifax over 143M users hacked , Yahoo over 1 billion users hacked , The list goes on and on. See for your self (click on button)... OUR SOFTWARE INSTALLS ON YOUR COMPUTER ONLY.

  • 24/7 365 live phone and remote access support
  • Take a video tour


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Client’s Feedback

All Professional Testimonial & Feedback

I've been using this software for almost a year and I'm not sure how I survived without it. It keeps me organized and I have less papers floating around the shop

Joe H

As an office assistant for a taxidermy shop that takes in over 1,000 animals a year, this software is an absolute life-saver!

-Vikki. W

I have been using this system for the past few days. This is pretty much the best thing since the fleshing wheel. It's very simple and easy to use, but once you get into it it is a very valuable tool in itself. It has already saved me time and money.

Justin. G

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